A Stranger Within: A first incarnation of a poem by Asher Jael

This poem fell out of nowhere as I was getting ready for bed last night. I grabbed my laptop and typed it out quickly before I lost its essence. Perhaps it will be editted in due course, yet the rawness of a poem which comes to us like that is something worth keeping too. So, here it is just as mishaped and jagged-edged as it came to me. If you like it, give me a like and a follow, if not then go read someone elses poetry, or tell someone you don’t like to read it

A Stranger Within

A moment is arising when with some joy
you shall meet yourself inwardly
On your doorstep or in your mirror
you will smile together

you may sit there tasting coffee
hearing Coltrane or watching leaves dance
The same, but more real than any time before

You will learn to love thyself
who you made a stranger in your adolescence
and give back to yourself, whatever you stole
when you struggled with self-doubt
and welcome the stranger who prised you from afar.

And you may forgive yourself, for closing your doors
remaining quiet and ignoring
a voice in your mind and the warmth of the sun
for so long

All that loss, those memories you’ve held
those ideas you felt you needed to make you whole
You will learn not from your books
but from the stranger within
they are ready to speak
if you will listen

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