Fresher Fair: A short poem by Asher Jael

A short poem I’ve written about the hypocrisy of student activism.

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A Freshers Fair

A gust is turning the autumn leaves,
The warblers have flown south to Africa.
Fresher students palpitate in nightclubs
Over ambitious, they swagger along.
The tramp seizes an opportunity
“Excuse me, please? I need a bed”
“Don’t spend it on drugs” they reply out their heads

Whilst freshers beat each other over lust
Each souls turns quietly through the equinox
Coffee stain clothes by running to lessons
In search of words to describe their hearts
Feminist, socialist, vegan or Marxist?
Before the lesson, could such love exist?
Now they’ve come to tell you how you should live
Marching along in vegan Doc Martens
Onto number ten… “No, we’ve got none to give”

Again ignorance is bearing its teeth
Rubbing its hands in sweet irony
They’ll buy paints for placards to demand change
Letting others go hungry the very same day
It seems these times everyone has too much to say
Is social change vogue or here to stay?

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