pearl gaze

vitrified fingers
fumbled for a ticket.
long Winter tree arms
draped in a
starch stiff camel coat

to a chewing gum clapping
with brutish, tattooed hands.

We were crossing The Dales
when her eyes lit up.
the views
took her mind back
to a fondest time –

an Autumn fair
the big wheel
and his long overdue proposal
with Nana’s ring…

I broke her haze.

“Have you got the kid’s presents?”

“He won them on hook-a-duck!”

“No, I bought these dear”

she sipped her tea
with shaking
porcelain hands

I adjusted her clove-red boutonnière

she sighed

“George liked it here…”

she drifted away
in a pearl gaze
and rhythmic exhales


and closed.

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