foolish wood 2

further down the gorge
til we happened upon
a moored rowing boat

“would you look at that?”

two stowaway minds –
we shared words we meant
and left our echoes
rippling in whirlwinds
glistening whites
dancing upon the
emeralds and jades

we set our words in
colours and shapes
and let them float by
with the boat
and the wind
and the trees

all too perfect for me
I spun the boat in circles –
I splashed, she splashed back

“you always ruin it”

with an etched on smile.

we floated by til
heckling harmless youths
threw sticks from the bank

“quick Eve, step on it!”

(we gave them a laugh,
in our slow pace depart)

further down the stream
we abandoned our boat.
She had to push it away
I wanted to stay

I was left anchored
to the memories
in which I learnt guitar
and how to sing
Dylan, Martyn, Drake –
“It was all too late”
“Which way will you turn?”
“It was for the best…”

In the awe of the stream
I always look for her
remembering our trip
and foraging mushrooms
down the hidden gorge

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