foolish wood

the clouds began their mischief
as we crossed Harrogate green
heading north east, Hebdon way
two in search of one wild place

they came from all directions
meeting above our heads
trudging on we buried their threat

in decorum, the first came
to meet the tip of her nose
through humilities mask
i smudged it beneath my thumb

we explored beyond the map
where aged trees cry and creak
antidotes of youth and love

we walked, walked… and walked some more
til we noticed the beauty
of spring avens, brambles –
the graceful flight of fruit flies
like the awe of a night sky –
in which we were the planets

like fallen stars down the gorge
we found a swing motionless
and brought to it a little life
we was bestowed youthful laughs
or i got wet and she laughed
as i squeezed in her coat
and ditched a too wet t-shirt

for a day, but just a day
i made creases in old boots
saw colour and shape as one
as we sung our favourite songs
from “cross the lonesome ocean”

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